Carter Cruise

The girl next door DJ act that throws down the nastiest sets. You don’t want your parents attending because you know they know exactly who she is. Carter Cruise brings the energy into every room she is in, not only on stage but the way she interacts with the fans and her incredibly diverse crowd. In 2012 Carter got behind the decks because she was tired of attending parties and by proxy being the life of the gathering. Now she sets the tone because she is the one creating it. Carter loves mixing your favorite Hip Hop and R&B into high-energy house music. Carter can truly play a set just as diverse as her crowd. She is also known for her meet and greets and after parties so she can really connect with all the fans that come from all over to be immersed in her world. The beautiful thing is when she on stage she creates a world for everybody and that’s why she is the The Peoples DJ.