Coey Redd

Coey Redd is a singer, songwriter, rapper & producer. Los Angeles based but Bay Area raised, Coey established her writing reputation at around 12 years old. Writing for local rappers and hip-hop acts in exchange for studio time, while taking voice and songwriting courses as well to perfect her craft. After moving to Los Angeles at 20, Coey enrolled at The Music Institute in Hollywood. Only half way into her first semester, she was offered a co-publishing deal with publisher Suzan Koc (Shelly Peiken, Busbee). She remained active in the writing world penning songs for both Major and Indie labels. It wasn’t until the pandemic hit and the rise of Tik Tok that Coey decided to post her own freestyles. Her original takes on Eminem’s “Godzilla” and E40 and Keak da sneaks “Tell me when to go” became easy fan favorites quickly raking in millions of views and hundreds of thousands of followers and shares throughout social media. Coey Redd is now gearing up to drop her original music and is bringing a whole new sound come 2023. Her first release, BIATO is due out April 13, 2023.