Hudson Thames

Hudson Thames A product of a honkey-tonk piano player father, Rat Pack Vegas performers, and a crew of skate rats from The Valley, Hudson’s pop sensibility has old school roots. After seeing radio success with his first single, “How I Want Ya” ft Hailee Steinfeld, and ‘Drive it Like You Stole it’,The theme forJohn Carney’s latest hit film “Sing Street”, Hudson is currently in the studio with Stephan Moccio (The Weeknd, Miley Cyrus) crafting his debut album. A prolific songwriter, Hudson’s original music features collaborations from Jamie Cullum, Ross Golan, and Wes Period to name a few. The first taste of Hudson’s new project, Bigger than Us, can be heard below, along with an acoustic version, accompanied by theAIR Studios Lyndhurst Orchestra.


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